You can be forgiven for thinking, as many do, that an Insolvency Practitioner is only brought into a company when they think the game is over, but this is not the case. An Insolvency Practitioner may also be able to assist companies who are struggling to manage their debt but still have a viable business to trade profitably again.

So, whether you are experiencing temporary cash flow issues or have been threatened with legal action, it is best practice to seek the professional advice of an insolvency practitioner as early as possible.

Take action fast

Your role as a company director is to be aware of your company’s financial position at all times. When you are familiar with the warning signs it is essential that you take immediate action to avert long term problems.

Do not delay in these matters – the quicker you act; the more options will be available to you.

How can an Insolvency Practitioner help?

An Insolvency Practitioner can quickly assess your company’s position and recommend the best course of action for you, negotiate with creditors on your behalf and present all the options available to you.

Working with an Insolvency Practitioner can provide a sense of solidity and confidence in the company’s financial future, with creditors more willing to respect and trust the judgement of a professional with the requisite specialist knowledge.

Having an insolvency practitioner intervene on your behalf can be a vital step in setting your company back on track.

When a company is facing an uncertain future, as a company director you have a responsibility to make the best decisions for your creditor as a whole and  seeking expert advice is the responsible thing to do

How we can help you

At McLenan Corporate, we have over 30 years’ experience in supporting businesses through the insolvency process. If your business is viable our priority will be to help restore its financial health & wellbeing, allowing it to survive and thrive. We offer a free, no obligation review of your circumstances allowing you to make an informed decision about the future.

You can contact our licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Margo McLenan with confidence today on 07876 790 563 or email

It is so important to take action and not isolate yourself in worry about your business debt. The earlier we can be involved, the more options there will be for your business.